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January 27 - 31, 2016
Opening Night Premiere Party:
Wednesday, January 27, 2016 / 8 - 11 pm

Booth #132
Los Angeles Convention Center
1201 South Figueroa Street, West Hall A
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Jiela Rufeh

This belief in a universal energy has been an evolving interest of mine and my work has been influenced by it’s study and manifestation throughout different cultures, specifically Native American culture, mysticism, Shamanism, Kundalini Yoga, Oneness, and Eastern philosophy. Nature to me is an obvious place to start when dealing with these themes. It is a reflection of us in many ways— burnt trees become like skeletons, the destruction of nature relates to our own destructive natures. I travel extensively to remote natural locations to take photographs to explore my concepts. To be completely absorbed by the elements around me ‐ the colors, the smells, the silence, the peace, the wind brushing against my skin, the warmth of the sun... awakens all my senses.

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Echo Lew

After several hours of preparation, I use just a single shot to complete each image. During an exposure time of approximately one minute, I manipulate lights in front of the camera to create “Light Drawings.” Sometimes I invert the positive image to a negative one on a computer but otherwise the “Light Drawings” are not manipulated. Sometimes put the same positive and negative images side-by-side in the finished piece.

In my Zen Buddhist meditation practice, the lights bend like a reed in the breeze,  or soar freely as a bird above a cliff, thousands of lights dancing in my mind. The inner world is clean, clear and full of fresh air. Thousands of lights move as a wave. The secrets of the universe are revealed.

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Opening Night

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1201 South Figueroa Street, West Hall A, Los Angeles, CA 90015
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Opening Night Premiere Party
Wednesday, January 27, 2016 / 8:00 - 11:00 pm

Show Dates
Thursday, January 28 / 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
Friday, January 29 / 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
Saturday, January 30 / 11:00 am ­ 7:00 pm
Sunday, January 31 / 11:00 am ­ 5:00 pm


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