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The Metropolitan Pavilion
125 West 18th Street, New York, NY 10011


Joseph Caroff
Gail Chase-Bien
Sabine Friesicke
Creates compositions which appear both impulsive and deliberate. While the work is indebted to Modernism, it is grounded in the artist's exploration of process, with personal themes occurring in various incarnations.
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Presents an artist’s journey through India. “Who can explain India? It is a place where humanity descends on the Western mind. Gods goddesses, beggars, and princes collide in an explosive compaction of space. The air is rife with the smells of spice, fire, perfume, and ash. Everything is awakened and trivialities are cast adrift. I look to these images as a way back in, a glimmer of my experience there” - Gail Chase-Bien
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Uses the horizontal focus of the horizon repeated in grids to explore the infinite. These break up and make new lines and smaller fragments which jump from the surface or disappear.
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Lindsey Nobel
Morgan Ervin
Colin Stinson
“I am obsessed with the invisible. I have developed a drawing language based on the otherwise invisible connections between humans and machines, effectively manifesting the immense grid of energy that now exists between human, machine, and spiritual consciousness. ” - Lindsey Nobel
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With a background in Print and Interactive Design, Brand Creation, Studio Photography, Copywriting, and an Education from Art Center College of Design, the University of California, San Diego, and SDCC, Morgan has been working in the field of Communication Design for over a decade.
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An award winning, multidisciplinary artist, who earned a double Masters of Fine Arts degree with High Distinction from California College of the Arts CCA in 1996. He currently holds a professional position at Stanford University as the Digitization Project Coordinator for the Cantor Arts Center Stanford Museum.
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Pat McNabb Martin
Michelle Kurtis Cole
Jeffery Laudenslager
Basic, raw and stretching boundaries, Pat McNabb Martin leaves each composition to the viewer’s discretion. Never over intellectualizing a painting she concerns herself with the canvas surface always experimenting to create new and unique marks. Each painting is an emergent field of color often laced with exotic fluorescent and metallic paints.
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As an artist, I’m inspired by my heritage—Native American, African American, and Scottish-Irish—each with its own deep connection to nature. To strengthen that connection I immerse myself in the natural world whenever I can, whether it be trekking in the high Andes, canoeing through a remote Amazon jungle, scuba diving into caves far beneath the sea, or riding the surf near my home in California.
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His creative practice relies on principles of geometry that he deems unexpected. They are non-kinetic sculptures that come in all sizes and are designed to trick the mind, sometimes even appearing to be animated. Throughout his career, Laudenslager has constantly sought the most economical means at his disposal to convey his ideas.
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Alicia Dunn
Emily Halpern

Contemporary Abstract, Painter. Born in Havana. Raised in Brooklyn. Lives and works in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California.
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When she is not ensconced in painting, she trains in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, in which she holds a black belt and has achieved numerous awards in competitions.
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Michelle Letarte
Duke Windsor
“I express my creativity in both scientific research and the visual arts. Painting allows my mind to wander beyond the rigid boundaries and rules of science.” - Michelle Letarte
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Windsor opened his first art studio in San Diego’s Historic Gaslamp Quarter in 1994. Since then he has developed his art throughout a wide range of subjects.
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  • Wednesday April 3, 2013 / 7 - 10 pm

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