Amazon Fine Art
Amazon has partnered with more than 150 galleries and dealers across the US to sell fine art via a new portal, Amazon Art. Through the site, users can browse more than 40,000 works of fine art from a range of galleries. Amazon Art provides customers with high quality images and detailed information about the artwork all in one place. Customers can learn about the work of art, the artist, the provenance and exhibition history and browse additional artworks from the artist or gallery.
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Joseph Caroff
The Sergott Contemporary Art Alliance was formed after 50 years of admiration and study of the esteemed artist Joseph Caroff. Watching the career of such a talent has been both exhilarating and challenging. As we both matured, we mutually acquired the respect and trust to forge ahead on this artistic adventure. While his work is well known in the greater New York area, it is our hope to introduce him to other Art communities both here and abroad. Thus far, it has been a most joyful ride with this prolific, energized creative force. Joe Caroff turned 91 this August.